supramolecular-chemistry-2e-by-jonathan-w-steedFree download Supramolecular Chemistry (second edition) written by Jonathan W. Steed and Jerry L. Atwood in pdf. published by John Wiley and Sons in 2009.

In this book we have tried to sample the entire field, bringing together topical research and clear explanations of fundamentals and techniques in a way that is accessible to final year undergraduates in the chemical sciences, all the way to experienced researchers. We have been very gratified by the reception afforded the first edition and it is particularly pleasing to see that the book is now available in Russian and Chinese language editions. For a short while we attempted to keep the book current by updating our system of key references on a website; however it has become abundantly clear that a major overhaul of the book in the form of a refreshed and extended second edition is necessary. We see the strengths of the book as its broad coverage, the care we have tried to take to explain terms and concepts as they are encountered, and perhaps a little of our own personal interpretation and enthusiasm for the field that we see evolving through our own research and extensive contact with colleagues around the world. These strengths we have tried to build upon in this new edition while at the same time ameliorating some of the uneven coverage and oversimplifications of which we may have been guilty.


  • Concepts
  • The Supramolecular Chemistry of Life
  • Cation-Binding Hosts
  • Anion Binding
  • Ion Pair Receptors
  • Molecular Guests in Solution
  • Solid-State Inclusion Compounds
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Network Solids
  • Self-Assembly
  • Molecular Devices
  • Biological Mimics and Supramolecular Catalysis
  • interfaces and Liquid Assemblies
  • Supramolecular Polymers, Gels and Fibres
  • Nanochemistry

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