Free download Principles of Instrumental Analysis (sixth edition) written by Douglas A. Skoog, F. James Holler and Stanley R. Crouch in pdf. published by Thomson in 2007.

According to authors; Today, there is a wide and impressive array of powerful and elegant tools for obtaining qualitative and quantitative information about the composition and structure of matter. Students of chemistry, biochemistry, physics, geology, the life sciences, forensic science, and environmental science must develop an understanding of these instrumental tools and their applications to solve important analytical problems in these fields. This book is addressed to meet the needs of these students and other users of analytical instruments.

When instrument users are familiar with the fundamental principles of operation of modern analytical instrumentation, they then will make appropriate choices and efficient use of these measurement tools. There are often a bewildering number of alternative methods for solving any given analytical problem, but by understanding the advantages and limitations of the various tools, users can choose the most appropriate instrumental method and be attuned to its limitations in sensitivity, precision. and accuracy. In addition, knowledge of measurement principles is necessary for calibration, standardization. and validation of instrumental methods. It is therefore our objective to give readers a thorough introduction to the principles of instrumental analysis. including spectroscopic. electrochemical, chromatographic, radiochemical, thermal, and surface analytical methods. By carefully studying this text, readers will discover the types of instruments available and their strengths and limitations.


Section one: Measurement Basics

Section two: Atomic Spectroscopy

Section three: Molecular Spectroscopy

Section four: Electroanalytical Chemistry

Section five: Separation Methods

Section six: Miscellaneous Methods

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