Polymeric materials are now playing an increasingly important role in pharmaceuticals, as well as in sensing devices, in situ prostheses and probes, and microparticle diagnostic agents. This new volume consists of twenty-two recent research-based reports on the developments in these areas of pharmaceutical and biomaterials technology. The reports were prepared by top scientists in the field and are based on current research conducted at leading laboratories in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia.


The information includes:

  • New developments in bioactive polymers for pharmaceutical and biomaterials applications
  • Polymers as drugs, prodrugs, drug delivery systems, and in situ prostheses
  • New materials for degradation for controlled drug release
  • Synthesis, derivatization, characterization, applications, and evaluation techniques
  • Biodegradable materials, assemblies, hydrogels, telechelic polymers, derivatized polysaccharides, micro- and nanoparticles, mimetic protein networks, and interpenetrating polymers
  • Antimicrobial treatment using polymer systems
  • Discussions of improved and enhanced material properties for medicinal applications
  • Over 150 table and figuresCONTENTS

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