modern-physical-organic-chemistry-by-anslynFree Download Modern Physical Organic Chemistrywritten by Eric V. Anslyn (University of Texas, Austin) and Dennis A. Dougherty (California Institute of Technology) and published by University Science Books in 2006.

According to Authors,
This book is meant to capture the state of the art of physical organic chemistry in the early twenty-first century, and, within the best of our ability, to present material that will remain relevant as the field evolves in the future. For some time it has been true that if a student opens a physical organic chemistry textbook to a random page, the odds are good that he or she will see very interesting chemistry, but chemistry that does not represent an area of significant current research activity. We seek to rectify that situation with this text. A student must know the fundamentals, such as the essence of structure and bonding in organic molecules, the nature of the basic reactive intermediates, and organic reaction mechanisms.

However, students should also have an appreciation of the current issues and challenges in the field, so that when they inspect the modern literature they will have the necessary background to read and understand current research efforts. Therefore, while treating the fundamentals, we have wherever possible chosen examples and highlights from modern research areas. Further, we have incorporated chapters focused upon several of the modern disciplines that benefit from a physical organic approach. From our perspective, a protein, electrically conductive polymer, or organometallic complex should be as relevant to a course in physical organic chemistry as are small rings, annulenes, or non-classical ions.


PART I: Molecular Structure and Thermodynamics

  • Introduction to Structure and Models of Bonding
  • Strain and Stability
  • Solutions and Non-Covalent Binding Forces
  • Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Acid-Base Chemistry
  • Stereochemistry

PART II: Reactivity, Kinetics, and Mechanisms

  • Energy Surfaces and Kinetic Analyses
  • Experiments Related to Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • Catalysis
  • Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Part 1: Reactions Involving Additions and/ or Eliminations
  • Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Part 2: Substitutions at Aliphatic Centers and Thermal Isomerizations / Rearrangements
  • Organotransition Metal Reaction Mechanisms and Catalysis
  • Organic Polymer and Materials Chemistry

PART III: Electronic Structure: Theory and Applications

  • Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure Theory
  • Thermal Pericyclic Reactions
  • Photochemistry
  • Electronic Organic Materials


  • Conversion Factors and Other Useful Data
  • Electrostatic Potential Surfaces for Representative Organic Molecules
  • Group Orbitals of Common Functional Groups: Representative Examples Using Simple Molecules
  • The Organic Structures of Biology
  • Pushing Electrons
  • Reaction Mechanism Nomenclature

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