methods-and-reagents-for-green-chemistryFree download “Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry – An Introduction” edited by Pietro Tundo, Alvise Perosa and Fulvio Zecchini, published by John Wiley and Sons Inc. in 2007.

According to editors; this book covers three leading topics of green chemistry: green reagents, alternative reaction conditions, and green catalysis. It is the culmination of more than 10 years of research in this field. I therefore thank the many authors who contributed to this volume, who year after year were constantly present as expert lecturers at the yearly Summer School on Green Chemistry (Venice), promoted and organized by the Consorzio Interuniversitario “Chimica per l’Ambiente” (Chemistry for the Environment), INCA, and enthusiastically exchanged their expertise with colleagues and students throughout the world.

Finally, if you wonder why the word “Introduction” is included in the title of this book, it is because research in this field is far from completed, and chemists have a long way to go before they meet and satisfy the needs of the environment, economy, and society.


PART I: Green Reagents

  • The Four-Component Reaction and Other Multicomponent Reactions of the Isocyanides
  • Carbohydrates as Renewable Raw Materials: A Major Challenge of Green Chemistry
  • Photoinitiated Synthesis: A Useful Perspective in Green Chemistry
  • Dimethyl Carbonate as a Green Reagent

PART II: Alternative Reaction Conditions

  • Ionic Liquids: “Designer” Solvents for Green Chemistry
  • Supported Liquid-Phase Systems in Transition Metal Catalysis
  • Organic Chemistry in Water: Green and Fast
  • Formation, Mechanisms, and Minimization of Chlorinated Micropollutants (Dioxins) Formed in Technical Incineration Processes

PART III: Green Catalysis and Biocatalysis

  • Green Chemistry: Catalysis and Waste Minimization
  • Seamless Chemistry for Sustainability
  • Enantioselective Metal Catalyzed Oxidation Processes
  • Zeolite Catalysts for Cleaner Technologies
  • Acid and Superacid Solid Materials as Noncontaminant Alternative Catalysts in Refining
  • The Oxidation of Isobutane to Methacrylic Acid: An Alternative Technology for MMA Production
  • Biocatalysis for Industrial Green Chemistry

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