encyclopedic-dictionary-of-polymersEncyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers is edited by Jan W. Gooch and published by Springer 2007. This reference contains more than 7,500 polymeric material terms, including the names of chemicals, processes, formulae, and analytical methods that are used frequently in the polymer and engineering fields. In view of the evolving partnership between physical and life sciences, this title includes an appendix of biochemical and microbiological terms (thus offering previously unpublished material, distinct from all competitors.) Each succinct entry offers a broadly accessible definition as well as cross-references to related terms. Where appropriate to enhance clarity further, the volume’s definitions may also offer equations, chemical structures, and other figures.

The information for each chemical entry is given as it is relevant to polymeric materials.
Individual chemical species (e.g., ethanol) were taken from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (2004), the Merck Index and other reference materials. The reader may refer to these references for additional physical properties and written chemical formulae. Extensive use was made of ChemDraw, CambridgeSoft Corporation for naming and drawing chemical structures (conversion of structure to name and vice versa), which are included with each chemical entry where possible. Special attention was given to the IUPAC name that is often given with the common name for the convenience of the reader.

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