design-of-experiments-in-chemical-engineeringDesign of Experiments in Chemical Engineering: A Practical Guide is written by Zivorad R. Lazic and published by Wiley-VCH in 2004. This book is very helpful to design experiments in chemical engineering.

While existing books related to DOE are focused either on process or mixture factors or analyze specific tools from DOE science, this text is structured both horizontally and vertically, covering the three most common objectives of any experimental research:
* screening designs
* mathematical modeling, and
* optimization.
Written in a simple and lively manner and backed by current chemical product studies from all around the world, the book elucidates basic concepts of statistical methods, experiment design and optimization techniques as applied to chemistry and chemical engineering. Throughout, the focus is on unifying the theory and methodology of optimization with well-known statistical and experimental methods.
The author draws on his own experience in research and development, resulting in a work that will assist students, scientists and engineers in using the concepts covered here in seeking optimum conditions for a chemical system or process.
With 441 tables, 250 diagrams, as well as 200 examples drawn from current chemical product studies, this is an invaluable and convenient source of information for all those involved in process optimization.


This book is consists of three major sections

  • Introduction to Statistics for Engineers
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Mixture Design “Composition-Property”

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