Chromatographic Methods (5th Edition) is written by A. Braithwaite (Department of Physical Sciences, Nottingham Trent University) and F. J. Smith (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Paisley) and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in 1999.

This book provides a unified and balanced introduction to the general theory of chromatography, followed by a detailed treatment of the principles and practice of all the major techniques currently employed in the industrial and academic sectors. It is written as a broad introduction to the subject for mid to advanced undergraduates in chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, and is suitable for students following the now quite numerous Masters degrees in instrumental analysis. The book has been updated to incorporate advances of the last ten years, and it contains around 50% new or revised material.


  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Considerations
  • Planar Chromatography
  • Liquid Phase Chromatography on Open Columns
  • Gas Chromatography
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Chromatography and Spectroscopic Techniques
  • Processing Chromatographic Data
  • Model or Practical Experiments in Chromatographic Techniques
  • Illustrative Problems in Chromatography

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