11 10, 2019

Water Pollution

2019-10-11T13:15:06+05:30October 11th, 2019|

Air Pollution Definition Types of Water pollution Effect of water pollution Physico-chemical and microbial characteristics of domestic, industrial and agricultural Waste water River pollution Marine pollution Drinking and irrigation water quality parameters: Criteria and standards Municipal water treatment Treatment of water for Industrial use Water pollution control

17 08, 2019

Air Pollution

2019-08-17T16:18:16+05:30August 17th, 2019|

Air Pollution                                                                                    Definition Natural sources of air pollution Human caused air pollution Classification of air pollutants Transport and diffusion of pollutants Effect of air pollutants on human health, plants, animals, microbes and materials Air pollution episodes: Bhopal, Chernobyl, Los Angeles, London smog, Indonesian forest fire Acid rain Ozone depletion Global Warming and climate changes [...]