1. Secreted

Examples: –   Blood




Breast milk

Pulse, Tears

Pre ejaculatory fluid

  1. Excreted

Examples: –   Sweat

Skin oil (sebum)



Ear wax (ceriman)

  • Forensic expert of body fluids

In the investigation of a crime murder, rape, kidnaping, poisoning etc. Examination of biological material place connecting the criminal with the crime and crime scene. (body fluids are naturally occurring liquid.)

  • Body fluid as Evidence

Body fluid may be useful to forensic scientist to put to gather a detected    picture of how and individual died and also help in identified the criminal. If these fluids are detected at crime scene there are swabbed (sample preserve use for glass, pole thin also use saline), bagged and collected in vials, tight and law risk of cross contamination and they should be dried before packing. Also use of UV light can be used to uncover the existence of any of these body fluids in cases where there might be overlooked.