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An Ultimate Resource for All Branches of Chemistry

  • Catalysis
    • Definition of catalyst and catalysis
    • Types of catalyst: positive catalyst, negative catalyst and auto catalyst
    • Catalytic reaction: Homogeneous catalytic reaction and Heterogeneous catalytic reaction
    • Characteristics of catalyst
    • Action of finely divided catalyst
    • Catalytic promoters or activators
    • Catalytic poisons or anticatalysts
    • Enzyme catalyst: definition and characterization
  • Adsorption
    • Definition of adsorption, absorption, positive adsorption, negative adsorption, absorbate, desorption
    • Types of adsorption (physical adsorption chemical adsorption)
    • Adsorption gases by solids
    • Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption isotherm (derivation)
    • Application of adsorption


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